Allianz Medisafe Infinite Review

As a financial blogger, I’m always on the lookout for a really good and comprehensive life and medical insurance. After much research, I believe I have found one of the best medical insurance coverage in the market. Here is my Allianz Medisafe Infinite review for the discerning readers.


Allianz Medisafe Infinite Review

Allianz Medisafe Infinite is a hospitalisation and surgical benefit rider for Allianz Powerlink. With one single policy, you can have a comprehensive coverage to take care of your healthcare protection.

Coverage Benefits

As the coverage is customisable based on your cashflow, in terms of annual limits, Medisafe Infinite starts from RM850,000 per annum with no lifetime limit. For an affordable coverage, you get a respectable amount of benefits. For example, a 30 y/o male, non-smoker will be able to get a 30-year policy that covers up to RM1.5 million annually for a RM200 room & board.

However, as coverage limits are comparable across the major insurance companies, I believe Allianz Medisafe Infinite shines where it matters most. Read on to find out why I recommend Allianz as the best choice.

Allianz Medisafe Infinite Unique Benefits

Before you buy insurance, you must ask yourself what is your main purpose of getting one.

Personally, I get covered for the devastating tail-end risks that we cannot plan for in terms of health – that means catastrophic illnesses like cancer, which requires a tremendous amount of financial resource to get through.

Allianz Medisafe Infinite covers the latest cancer treatment including targeted therapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy. The policy also includes coverage for genomic testing which will help doctors identify the best cancer treatment for you.

Not only that, if you need second opinion, you can get access to a worldwide panel of medical experts to help you in your decision making. In this age of empowered patients, this is a value-added service to help you take charge of your healthcare.

No Claim Benefits

When you remain healthy, Allianz rewards you by refunding up to 20% of your Cost of Insurance paid for the preceding policy year if no claim has been made or paid. You also get rewarded with an 10% increase in Hospital Room & Board every 3 years if no claim was made within that 3 years (similar to MediSavers) up to a cap of 150% of the initial rate of Hospital Room & Board benefit entitlement.

Deductible Options

Allianz offers 3 levels of deductible options – RM5,000; RM10,000 and RM30,000 with Retirement Option at age 60.

This is great for those who already have existing medical coverage under their employer.

Hassle-free admission with extensive panel of hospitals

Allianz Medisafe Infinite comes with a medical card that enables you to get admission quickly, even for those with deductible plans.

Get Covered Online

First off – I believe that having an agent with the right skills and knowledge makes all the difference. By having a doctor as your agent, you get someone with the unique skillset combination and medical and personal finance knowledge to help you choose a coverage that suits your needs.

Even though it’s preferably to meet face-to-face to help me discover your coverage requirements, in this age of online accessibility, I believe you can get good service even with remote service.

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    Nelson Xavier

    My name is Nelson. I am currently in Brunei. Plan to take a medical insurance policy for my daughter who will be 18 years on her next birthday on 28/4/22.

    Hope to get more info from you in due course.


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