Indemnity Insurance for KKM Doctors

Starting from 2021, medical indemnity insurance has been made compulsory for doctors to renew the Annual Practicing Certificate (APC).

Indemnity Insurance for Government Doctors

However, please note that government doctors who are working for KKM in all local Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia healthcare facilities and not doing any private locum do not have to buy this insurance. The government will provide this coverage under Section 5, Act 359.

The following letters of reply from the DG’s office dated 2017 will provide more clarification.

Do KKM Doctors Still Have to Buy Indemnity Insurance?

Even though the government indemnifies all doctors under its purview, this only applies to claims that arise from patients against the doctor in the course of providing service under any KKM facilities. Anything other than this will not be covered.

This means that any legal representation costs for regulatory, ethical and professional misconduct in MMC’s disciplinary hearings will NOT be covered. Also, anything that arises outside of KKM facilities will also not be covered, for e.g. government doctors doing locum in private healthcare facilities (I think this is pretty self-explanatory?)

For example, while still working for the government, someone lodged a complaint with MMC against you for alleged unprofessional conduct. As this falls under the exclusion clause above, if you are called by MMC for a disciplinary hearing, KKM WILL NOT bear any legal costs or appoint any lawyer to defend you.

Thus, it is still recommended to buy a professional indemnity insurance for government doctors. Fiholic recommends Doctor Shield for their fully online process and affordable rates for KKM doctors.






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