Top 5 Medical Indemnity Insurance in Malaysia

Medical indemnity insurance is now required for all doctors in Malaysia starting from the year 2021. It has been made compulsory when you are renewing your annual practicing certificate, alongside requirement for 20 CPD points.

Medical Indemnity Insurance

A professional indemnity insurance in principle protects the insured against any loss or damages arising from professional practice. While it is a compulsory requirement now, personally I would still want to know more about it and get the best bang for my buck. I came up with this guide which took a lot of time and effort. Hopefully it will benefit people, especially when the rush to apply for APC renewal begins by the 2nd half of the year.

If this is your first time getting an indemnity insurance, I suggest reading my article about indemnity insurance for doctors first as a primer before selecting the right insurance provider for you below.

Top 5 Medical Indemnity Insurance Providers in Malaysia

Ever since the announcement was made regarding the need for indemnity insurance for doctors in Malaysia, multiple providers have sprung up with a myriad of offerings. From my research, it seems that there are a few credible insurance providers in the country.

The list below is by no means an exhaustive list, but I am sure it covers the major insurance companies out there. The list is also not ranked in any way.

Disclaimer: please use your own discretion when deciding which medical indemnity insurance to buy.

MPS – Medical Protection Society

Medical Protection Society is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to protecting the professional interests of its members. It boasts a 300,000 strong membership worldwide with a strong support network and expert legal team available on hand to help with any medicolegal issues faced by its’ members.

How is Medical Protection Society Different?

Medical Protection Society is not an insurance company per se, so technically you don’t purchase an insurance product. Instead you pay for membership which entitles you to discretionary benefits as set out in the organisation’s Memorandum & Articles of Association.

Membership in MPS entitles one to:

  • Right to request indemnity for claims arising from clinical practice
  • Right to request advice & legal representation for inquest or disciplinary hearings
  • Protection for Good Samaritan acts worldwide

However, the assistance rendered does not cover events from before you join MPS (i.e. no retroactive cover)

Extra Benefits of MPS

  • Emergency medical advice line available 24/7
  • Free workshops and online learning modules

How to Get Help From MPS

Our medicolegal advice service is open to members with urgent queries and medicolegal emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Members can call MPS hotline or email them directly. Contact details can be found here.

Apply for MPS Membership

There is no easy way to apply for membership online. One has to contact them directly and proceed from there.

Doctor Shield

Doctor Shield is a relatively new offering in the scene. However, they are quite innovative offering the world’s first completely online platform. Doctor Shield is offered by JA Assure, an insuretech firm in partnership with Chubb, one of the world’s largest insurer.

Key Features of Doctor Shield

  • Loss & expenses arising from medical negligence claims
  • Unlimited retroactive date
  • Free run-off cover (subject to minimum 5 years consecutive renewal)
  • Public relations cost
  • Legal representation costs in case of disciplinary inquiry

Unique Benefits of Doctor Shield

  • Instant quotation online
  • Choice to appoint your own lawyer outside of their panel, subject to approval
  • Coverage for unintentional defamation
  • Coverage for unintentional IP infringement
  • Coverage for loss of documents & medical records
  • Coverage for cyber & privacy infringement

Doctor Shield Claims Process

We have created an online link for you to submit the details so that the insurers and the lawyers get real time updates Once the online form is submitted, our team will be notified and we will immediately activate one of our trusted lawyers to contact you and provide you with the appropriate advice on the next course of action.


Apply Doctor Shield

Applications can be made online with their instant quotation.


Medefend is an insurance scheme by Jardine Llyod Thompson (JLT). The insurance is provided by Pacific & Orient Berhad. JLT claims to have more than 15 years’ experience managing professional indemnity insurance in Malaysia. It is endorsed by Malaysian Medical Association (MMA).

Key Features of Medefend

  • Loss & expenses arising from medical negligence claims
  • Full retroactive cover
  • Free run-off cover (subject to minimum 5 years consecutive renewal)
  • Public relations + counselling costs
  • Legal representation costs in case of disciplinary inquiry

Extra benefits of Medefend

  • Risk management resources such as seminar, workshops and bulletins
  • Good Samaritan Act cover worldwide (excluding Iran and countries under sanction)

Medefend Claims Process

When you receive a writ of summon, a letter of demand, legal threat, potential claims or circumstances that may result in claims against your practice or medical services, you must notify JLT immediately. This can be done in a few simple steps with our Online Notification Form


Apply Medefend

Can you apply online? Yes, application can be made online here.

Aon – MMI

Malaysian Medical Indemnity (MMI) is an insurance scheme offered by Aon Malaysia, an insurance broker. It has been in operation for more than 15 years. The scheme is insured by MPI Generali, supported by a panel of insurers such as RHB, Tokio Marine and others.

Key Features of Aon-MMI

  • Loss & expenses arising from medical negligence claims
  • Rretroactive cover
  • Free run-off cover (subject to minimum 5 years consecutive renewal)
  • Public relations cost
  • Legal representation costs in case of disciplinary inquiry

Unique Benefits of Aon-MMI

  • 2.5% No Claims Bonus discount – discount on premium rate if you have no claims in 3 consecutive years under same category
  • Worldwide Good Samaritan act coverage
  • Coverage against libel and slander

Apply for Aon-MMI

There is no easy method to apply online, you’ll still have to download a form manually then send it back to them.

Zurich Professional Indemnity Insurance for Medical Professionals

Zurich is an established insurer and also provides medical indemnity insurance in Malaysia for doctors, dentists and pharmacist. However compared to other schemes, there is not much information available online.

Key Features

  • Full retroactive cover
  • Advice and assistance with representation when necessary at the Malaysian Medical Council / Malaysian Dental Council / Malaysian Pharmaceutical Board disciplinary hearings.

Unique Benefits

Not much, from what I can glean from their official website.

Apply for Zurich Medical Indemnity Insurance

Request for quotation can be submitted online at this link


I hope this post can serve as a guide for you to select the right medical indemnity insurance for you.

As usual, should you have any questions, feel free to comment below!






14 responses to “Top 5 Medical Indemnity Insurance in Malaysia”

  1. Dr Eddie Soo Avatar

    The article is very interesting. I am not sure whether any of the above medical indemnity providers has a category for “clinical teaching”. Clinical lecturers need to buy indemnity too from 1 Jan, 2021. SSCA Risks Management has such a product. Our indemnity provides free run off cover for 10 years if a doctor has been a member for 3 consecutive years. Our premium rate is very compatible.

    DR Eddie Soo,
    email :

    SSCA Risks Management Sdn Bhd.

    1. Fiholic Avatar

      Thank you Dr Soo. Will be looking into it.

    2. deva Avatar

      Yes Dr. Soo.

      Medefend has the option.

      Medefend offers runoff for life.

      Further the also provide legal defense costs in addition to policy limit.

  2. Kuan Yew Avatar
    Kuan Yew

    As I am practicing overseas,
    I basically need something to satisfy criteria, would like to choose the cheapest and easiest, online application.

    Which one would that be?


    1. Fiholic Avatar

      Easiest with online application – Doctor Shield. They have instant quotation. But they’re not the cheapest.

      Alternatively you may consider Medefend – sort of online with communication via emails. Their quote might be cheaper but response is tad slower. Around RM380 if not mistaken.

  3. Charlie Avatar

    Helll Fiholic,

    I will be starting my aesthetic general practice (injectables and laser only – no surgery) with one or two general locums from time to time. What would be the best insurance for my case?

    Would like to know your opinion on this. Thank you!

    1. Fiholic Avatar

      Can you clarify what do you mean by “one or two general locums from time to time” – do you mean that you hire locums who will be working at your practice?

  4. Charlie Avatar

    Hello fiholic, I was referring to myself standing in for normal gp locum work from time to time.

    1. Fiholic Avatar

      I suggest go for Medefend or Doctor Shield. Both are quite similar with their own pros and cons but Medefend might be slightly cheaper. That being said, Doctor Shield has its own unique strengths as well.

  5. MO internal medicine Avatar
    MO internal medicine

    which one would be the best for government medical officer in internal medicine department?

    1. Ian Bong Avatar
      Ian Bong

      Either Medefend or Doctor Shield is fine. Doctor Shield has instant quotation and is very fast.

      1. deva Avatar

        Medefend has instant quotations too.

        In respect of cover for KKM/MOH drs who dont do any locum and only practice at KKM/MOH – the Medefend policy also provides cover for indemnity apart from ethical/discplinary issues.

        The protection given by the government under S5 of the Gorvernment Proceeding Act is a qualified one. It has to be (i) established that the act was done in ‘good faith’ and
        (ii) pursuance of a duty imposed by law and
        (iii) acting under the instructions of the Government.

        So a doctor doing voluntary work or any act of Good Samaritan will not receive protection under the Goverment Proceeding Act.

        Unlike most other indemnity providers the Medefend cover for government drs includes indemnity claims from the Government for liability that the Governemnt may have incurred.

  6. shalini Avatar

    Great info! I believe the MEDEFEND application link leads to a page error.

    Correct link would be

    1. admin Avatar

      Thank you for the comment! Link corrected.

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