MediSavers: Review of MXM’s Medical Card

For those of you who are new, medical insurance or a medical card is a type of insurance that covers the cost of your hospitalisation and surgical fees. In the event that you get admitted into a private hospital, this medical card functions to cover your hospitalisation, surgical and other treatment costs.

Full disclaimer: I am a MediSavers Membership Advisor and I get compensated when you register under me.

What is MediSavers Insurance

MXM MediSavers is a health insurance membership program operated by MXM International. Basically, by signing up as a member of this program, you get a medical card.

The underlying principle is the same as getting a medical card from any other insurance providers in Malaysia. The only difference is the structure. MXM International is the group that markets and distributes this medical card, but the underlying policy is underwritten by Lonpac Insurance Berhad, which is a big Malaysian insurance company owned by Public Bank.

Why does MXM sell it as a membership program? I believe it’s because of the marketing structure whereby members can refer others to the program and earn commissions without being an insurance agent.

Unique Points of MediSavers

Here are a few key benefits of MediSavers which in my humble opinion sets it apart from other medical cards.

High Coverage Per DISABILITY

MediSavers provide coverage per disability. This is pretty unique as you are covered per illness instead of only based off an annual limit.

For e.g. Mr. A buys MediSaversVIP 400 which provides RM160,000 PER disability with an annual limit of RM480,000 with NO LIFETIME LIMIT.

Mr. A unfortunately gets a heart attack and needs RM50,000 in hospitalisation costs. This is deducted off the disability category of ‘heart attack’ and all other categories of illnesses still remain at full coverage.

For even higher coverage of up to RM1 million and more per disability, Mr. A can even opt to get a top-up called the Super Protector which gives an additional RM1,000,000 in coverage for a total of RM1.16 million per disability coverage (for MedisaversVIP 400 – Super Protector)

10% automatic increment in benefit limits every 3 years

Medical inflation is no joke. Due to increasing costs and ever-advancing medical technology, medical insurance costs are always on the uptrend, while benefits remain the same.

Medisavers guarantee an increase of 10% on Room & Board and Coverage per Disability every 3 years.

No Limits on ICU Stay

I think virtually every medical card or insurance out there has a cap on the number of days on ICU stays, for e.g. 60, 120 or 180 days. MediSavers has no limit on ICU stay (but of course subject to your benefit limit).

Free Annual Blood Screening Package

As a member of MediSavers, you get free annual blood screening which includes 52 types of tests as well as cancer markers from Pathlab.


The basic package is as below:

  • MediSaversVIP 400
  • MediSaversVIP 250

These products are valid until 30th June 2115 – more than enough duration for 99% of people.

MediSavers Hospitalisation & Surgical Benefits List

Top-Up Plans

Super Protector

  • Additional RM500 on top of R&B
  • Additional RM1,000,000 coverage on top of diagnosed illness
  • No Annual Limit
  • No Lifetime Limit

Criteria for activation:

  • Top-up coverage will kick in when the you have utilised RM50,000 out of your basic plan coverage


MediBooster is an additional healthcare membership program that is designed to add on additional benefits on top of ANY insurance policies. This is not limited to MediSavers cardholder only.

Let’s say you already have a medical plan purchased from a family member / friend and you feel it’s not so good to cancel. But at the same time, you are worried your coverage is not enough. With Medibooster, you can add additional coverage as below:

  • Additional RM3,300,000 annual limit
  • Additional RM1,100,000 per disability coverage
  • Additional RM330 Room & Board
  • 10% auto-increment every 3 years
  • Guaranteed renewal until 2115
  • NO lifetime limit

Criteria for activation:

  • Member must have utilised either RM50k, RM100k or RM150k of their existing policies (different deductible depending on the plan you choose)

Things to Take Note of

  • Policy waiting period of 30 days – When you buy into the membership, there’s a waiting period of 30 days before you are covered UNLESS you are unfortunately involved in an accident, whereby you will be covered.
  • Exclusions & loading – please DECLARE every illness your have already been diagnosed and be truthful during the submission process. This is to prevent any unpleasant experience down the road when your claim is denied due to withholding of crucial medical history. Some conditions or occupations also might involve an extra loading fee. For e.g. if your BMI is high, there’s an extra 25% loading on top of the basic premium.







7 responses to “MediSavers: Review of MXM’s Medical Card”

  1. Marcus Yoong Avatar
    Marcus Yoong

    The plan looks attractive but the outpatient benefit for cancer treatment and kidney dialysis per annum is very low.

    1. Ian Bong Avatar
      Ian Bong

      It depends, if you upgrade the package, it can go up to 120k annually.

  2. Alex Lee Avatar
    Alex Lee

    Is this a group policy where each member is provided a certificate of insurance?

    1. Ian Bong Avatar
      Ian Bong

      No, each member will get individual policy.

  3. Darren Avatar

    For the outpatient limit, it is quite low. However I heard from selling agent, one may claim for the disability limit (known as inpatient limit) once the outpatient limit is depleted. Is it true? I wonder this is acceptable by any panel hospital.

    1. Ian Bong Avatar
      Ian Bong

      I’m not sure about this. For insurance, best stick with what is stated explicitly inside the contract, otherwise you will be disappointed.

      MediSavers coverage is a bit low for outpatient as you rightly deduced. I recommend Allianz now for all my readers. Read my Allianz review written some time ago.

  4. Saufian Avatar

    I am interested with this plan.

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